Vote for Marty McNamara he puts members first.

I will be running in this November election to be the next president of the OPPA. I will make our Association a strong and professional Labor organization again!

As your president, I will ensure that the Association always put members first; I will make it very clear that we represent our member’s interests first.

You give us 12.5 million dollars a year to represent you the membership!

I have heard from hundreds of members who say the association does nothing for us. As someone who has dedicated the last 10 years of his life to the membership, this is beyond upsetting to me and one of the driving forces for running for president.

I will speak up for the members and fight when necessary I will not just talk with empty words I will get you’re respect again.

I do not want to be adversarial with the employer; however, I am willing and prepared to tackle the tough issues. Being a professional Labor organization means sometimes doing more than just talking about being tough, we have to actually fight for our member’s rights.

We need leaders in the Association that will not be intimidated by senior command. I can assure you, I have never been intimidated by senior command, and I have always been willing and ready to represent and fight for our members on the tough issues.

I have no plans to return to the OPP, and no aspirations for promotion! My goal is to finish my policing career as President of our Association, and make the changes in consultation with the Board and branch presidents, that will once again make us a strong and professional labor organization, and not a fraternal club.

Members need to feel confident that when they call the Association they will get help immediately, and that their issues will not take years to resolve.

We will follow the grievance process negotiated in our Collective Agreement, and set hearing dates. When we do this we ensure a critical path to resolution is set.

Nothing stops us from continuing negotiating knowing a date is approaching. The setting and cancelling of dates are free, or other matters can be put in the place of resolved matters.

A set date helps motivate the employer to resolve matters at the earliest opportunity allowing the member to move on quickly and put the matter behind them.

Staffing must be one of our key priorities. It is unacceptable for our members to be working under these conditions on a daily basis, whether it be on the frontline, a PCC, or any other work location.
• How did members working alone covering thousands of square kilometers by themselves become acceptable?
• When did working with 2 officers become minimum where it used to be 6 or 8?
• How did Quadrupling and Quintupling of dispatch consoles with 50-70 cars become acceptable?
• How did having 2 or 4 call takers for millions of people become acceptable?
• We can’t keep steeling from the front lines and the PCC’s because some statistics say we can keep                cutting front line resources, emergencies are not predictable.

These are only a few of the questions we need to ask the employer.

We as an association need real strategies to deal with the issues not more political rhetoric, spin doctoring, or smoke and mirrors.

I encourage all members to get involved in our Association, and become informed of the issues. Attend your Branch meetings, and make your voice heard.

I look forward to meeting as many members as possible, and discussing your concerns and ideas for a strong Association.

For more information or to help out with the campaign you can contact me at mmac.for.president@gmail.com

Vote for Marty McNamara November 2017


Marty McNamara 

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Marty McNamara

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